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Banko Beverage Co’s Beers through the Years: 1975 Miller Lite Added

Banko Beverage Co has a big presence in the Greater Lehigh Valley area. Celebrating 90 years of providing beer and other beverage products, we have plenty of reasons to look back on historic company milestones. An event that took place in 1975 is still impacting our growth and reach, the introduction of Miller Lite to our product lineup. Why did this still wildly popular beer make such a difference to Banko Beverage Co? Let’s find out!

Banko Beverage Co Before Miller Lite

We started delivering soda pop in the area during Prohibition. But when that law was repealed in 1933, we immediately increased our business delivering beer. Of course, we started with Schaeffer, which was brewed in New York City, and quickly expanded to carry Pennsylvania brews and other popular brands at the time. In the late 1970s, we added Genesee Ale from Rochester, New York, as well as many other brands, including Yuengling, Pabst, and Miller.

What Happened in 1975?

Plenty of things happened in 1975. The U.S. War in Vietnam ended, videotape technology was introduced by Sony with Betamax, and the blockbuster movie, Jaws, was released. At Banko Beverage Co, however, we were focused on the entry of one beer that captivated beer drinkers across the country, Miller Lite. Hailed as the first light beer, it created a revolution in beer drinking. Our customers wanted fewer calories and a beer that tasted great. This amazing pilsner-style light beer fits the bill with 96 calories and only 3.2 grams of carbohydrates. And its popularity has only increased over time, probably because Miller uses only a few ingredients to create an ideal, refreshing beer.

Banko Beverage Co Keeps Growing

We have grown right along with the history of beer drinking in the U.S. Partnering with over 30 breweries, these days we supply niche craft beers along with brews from larger breweries, including Miller Lite. The growth of services sparked by the Miller Lite boom continues with full-beverage delivery to over 1,000 restaurants, bars, and other distributors in our area. We serve liquor stores, grocery stores, hotels, convenience stores, stadiums, and arenas. In 2017, we moved into a larger warehouse.

Community Participation and Support

We proudly participate in events that take place in the Greater Lehigh Valley area, including Musikfest, an annual event that takes place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We have been the only supplier of beer and other beverages at this much-anticipated, 11-day event for 40 years. It is sponsored by a non-profit organization, ArtsQuest, and benefits the local arts center and other area nonprofits.

You will find us at large and small events throughout the area, with our fleet of refrigerated trucks providing good cheer and refreshing drinks. And we continue to be a family-run business that provides employment opportunities in the Greater Lehigh Valley area.

Beer Drinkers Still Choose Miller Lite

The popularity of Miller Lite is still strong, and we supply this delicious, light beer throughout our distribution area. Banko Beverage Co serves communities in the counties of Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon, Monroe, and Pike, as well as Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wyoming, Wayne, and Susquehanna. We fondly look back to 1975 when Miller Lite provided beer drinkers with a reliable light pilsner. Its popularity with consumers helped us further expand and develop our business model at Banko Beverage Co.

We Offer Experience in Beverage Distribution

If you need advice about beverages to serve your customers, consult with the knowledgeable sales staff at Banko Beverage Co. Contact us today.

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