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Hard cider is a popular choice for many consumers. An excellent alternative to beer, hard seltzer, and malt beverages, it allows businesses to reach a broader clientele through their beverage lineup. Banko Beverage Co proudly distributes these great-tasting adult beverages to local businesses across the Greater Lehigh Valley community. Learn more about hard cider from our highly knowledgeable beverage experts and how our products can enhance your establishment’s inventory or menu.

What Is Hard Cider?

Commonly referred to as cider, this drink is created by fermenting the juice of apples. The results are a crisp, delicious, and refreshing alcoholic beverage. The term “hard” is used to distinguish the alcohol content of this drink from its non-alcoholic counterpart, regular apple cider. The amount of alcohol each hard cider contains depends on the brand and cidery. For the most part, hard cider’s alcohol by volume (ABV) content ranges from 4.5% to 7%, but some products contain more.

Different Types of Hard Cider

6 pack of Woodchuck hard ciderMuch like other alcoholic beverage categories, hard cider is a general term. It can come in a few varieties that appeal to consumers’ preferences in taste. What distinguishes many cider types is the level of sweetness. Different types of hard cider include:
  • Dry cider: This type is often more acidic than other ciders. The yeast used in dry cider consumes most of its natural sugars, giving the beverage a drier finish. Also, compared to other types of ciders, dry varieties generally contain more alcohol.
  • Off-dry cider: With a slightly heavier body and more residual sugar, off-dry ciders are characterized as smooth-tasting beverages that are rich in flavor.
  • Semi-dry and semi-sweet cider: These types of ciders have similar properties and tastes, given they both contain above 2% residual sugar. Consumers will notice a more pronounced apple flavor while enjoying these beverages.
Additionally, many hard-cider recipes contain more than just apples – and this adds yet another layer to the flavor profile. From plums and pineapples to pears and peaches, any type of fruit can be used to create hard cider that stands out on the shelf. Banko Beverage Co provides professional services and expertise on all our products. You can browse the available hard ciders from our suppliers, including:
  • Rebel
  • Vermont Cider Co.
Dedicated to customer satisfaction, our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about hard cider, as well as the products in our selection.

Tips for Serving Hard Cider

To ensure its freshness and allow consumers to get the most out of its flavors, hard cider should be served appropriately. Here are our top tips for serving hard cider:

Clean Draft Lines

If you offer cider on draft at your establishment, it is vital to make sure all draft lines are clean and free of contaminants. Any residue the cider comes in contact with can compromise its taste. Additionally, cider is a gluten-free beverage that appeals to many consumers with sensitivities. To ensure it does not come in contact with any beverages that contain gluten, it needs to have its own dedicated draft line.

Keep Beverages at the Correct Temperature

For consumers to enjoy the full experience of their favorite cider’s taste, it should be served at approximately 40° F. Serving a cider too warm or too cold can drastically change its taste, causing it to become less appealing to some palates.

Use Appropriate Glassware

While almost any type of glass will suffice, the best drinking experience requires one with a large bowl that allows for proper aeration and swirling. The most common types of glassware used to serve this beverage include cider glasses and pint glasses.

Try Pairing Hard Cider With Food

As with any great-tasting beverage, hard cider can be complemented nicely with the right food on the table. Pairing your favorite brand with specific menu items will enhance the beverage for consumers and allow them to enjoy it even more. Some popular food pairings for hard cider include:

  • Salads
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Butternut squash

Ask the Experts at Banko Beverage Co About Hard Cider

Locally owned and operated since 1933, Banko Beverage Co has been a premier beverage distributor for businesses throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley Area. From our warehouses in Allentown and Jessup, PA, our reach includes the following counties:
  • Lehigh
  • Northampton
  • Carbon
  • Monroe
  • Pike
For more information about our hard cider options, contact us today.


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