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Soda vs. Pop: Why Can’t Pennsylvania Make Up Its Mind?

Banko Beverage Co distributes drinks throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley area. And while our products include beer of all kinds, hard seltzers, ciders, and malt beverages, we also carry nonalcoholic beverages. In fact, 90 years ago our family-run business started as a soda delivery company. But wait, did we say soda? Or did we mean pop? Whether you prefer the term soda vs. pop probably depends on where you live in Pennsylvania.

Eastern vs. Western Pennsylvania

According to a mapped survey, pop vs soda, Eastern Pennsylvanians refer to carbonated sweet drinks as soda, while Western Pennsylvanians can be heard placing an order for pop. We are not sure exactly where the dividing line is between East and West, but the map indicates that folks that live on the coasts of the U.S. tend toward soda, while the middle of the country prefers pop. So, those in Eastern Pennsylvania align more with East Coast parlance, while those in Western Pennsylvania adopt the vernacular of the Midwest. When you think about it, it’s hard to have a preference, though, because both terms are descriptive of the fizzy drinks we love.

The History of Soda vs. Pop

A-Treat SodaThe word pop sounds like the opening of a bottle of a carbonated drink, or a can. The term soda comes from sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, which has been used to make fizzy drinks. There are even some people who combine the terms and refer to soft drinks as soda pop! Historical migration patterns and product development over the years have likely influenced regional uses of soda vs. pop in the U.S. But whether you call it soda or pop, these sweet fizzy drinks continue to be popular, with the addition of distinctive flavors, colors, and ingredients. Banko Beverage Co services include several soft drinks available for distribution, including ZOA Energy Drinks, and A-Treat Sodas.

That’s another term that is revealed on the soda vs. pop map, people in the Southern U.S. tend to call all soft drinks by the term coke. This was likely influenced by the invention of Coca-Cola in 1886 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Some regions refer to soft drinks as Cocola. And you probably recognize the term soft drink as another way that some Americans describe these sparkling beverages.

Regional Preferences Around the U.S.

There are many other regional differences in referring to common objects. What we call tennis shoes might be sneakers to you. In some areas we might talk trash, in others garbage is more commonly used. The point is, we are all speaking about the same thing, a receptacle where you can place refuse. And that’s true for soda vs. pop, too. We accept both terms at Banko Beverage Co, and our team is always interested in making deliveries to your bar, restaurant, convenience store, hotel, or stadium.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Beverages for Distribution

We have the drinks that your customers want. And when it comes to soda vs. pop, we have both. You can choose among craft beer styles, or order beers from around the world. Carrying both alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions of most drinks, Banko Beverage Co has the diversity of offerings that your customers crave. Whether you are looking for a fine brew to pair with new menu items or find that seasonal offerings are moving fast, we can take care of your beverage distribution needs. Contact us today.

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