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Cider Season Sign-Off

Apple cider-flavored products are some of the most sought-after during autumn. As such, some people refer to fall as cider season. Ranging from September to November and bleeding into the holidays, cider season is the perfect time to try new varieties of hard apple cider.

With the holidays behind us, where does that leave cider season? Banko Beverage Co. is a leading distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from trusted suppliers for businesses throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley area. Here, we observe the end of the cider season by discussing the drink and detailing what the end of the season means.

What Is Hard Cider?

Hard apple cider is created by fermenting apple juice. It’s separate from regular apple cider, which consumers of all ages can enjoy. Like other alcoholic drinks, there are multiple cider variations with different amounts of alcohol content. Generally speaking, the alcohol by volume (ABV) will range from 4.5 to 7%.  

Hard cider encompasses so many palates that die-hard fans and those who’ve never had a sip can find a drink they’ll like. The following are some of the main categories of hard cider:

  • Dry cider: Dry cider uses yeast that eats up most of its natural sugars, making it more acidic than most other ciders. It also tends to have higher alcohol content.
  • Off-dry cider: These ciders have slightly more sugar than the dry varieties and can possess a smooth, rich flavor.
  • Semi-dry cider: Maintaining over 2% of their residual sugars, semi-dry ciders feature a more distinct apple taste.
  • Semi-sweet cider: With 4% or more of their residual sugars retained in the final product, semi-sweet ciders are the sweetest option, boasting a rich flavor.

What to Do When Cider Season Is Over

Since autumn is the harvest time for apples, you likely won’t be able to find the same selection of hard ciders in other seasons. However, if you love hard cider that much and want to promote it to your customers, you can get creative.

As mentioned, you can direct customers to purchase or craft a cider that uses other fruit, such as strawberries, pears, peaches, or plums. You can also use the off-season to broaden customers’ knowledge of different varieties and recipes so they’re ready for the fall.

Trust Banko Beverage Co. for Delicious Hard Cider

If you want to introduce customers to the unique tastes of hard cider, you’ll find a reputable distributor in Banko Beverage Co. Since 1933, our team has helped local businesses in the Greater Lehigh Valley area secure beverages from renowned suppliers. Some of our hard cider suppliers include:

  • Vermont Cider Co.
  • Rebel
  • Woodchuck

Contact Banko Beverage Co. today to learn more about hard apple cider and our other products and services.

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