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Bottle of Guinness Antwerpen Stout Ale

In business in Dublin since 1759, Guinness is a legend when it comes to beer. Most people are familiar with the iconic Irish-style stout brewed by the company, but not as many are aware of the variety of different beers offered by the company since it helped to form the multinational beverage company, Diageo. Guinness now offers several different stouts, including the classic Guinness Draught as well as new favorites like a beer to celebrate 200 years of Guinness in America. To get Diageo Guinness products for your business in the Lehigh Valley region, Banko Beverage Co is your go-to distributor.

Guinness Draught

The icon of Irish stouts, this dark and creamy beer is known for its smooth yet mildly bittersweet flavor. People love its incredible smoothness when it’s on tap, so Guinness pioneered the Widget, a technology that automatically adds nitrogen gas when the can or bottle is opened.

Over the Moon Milk Stout

Bottle of Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout

The Over the Moon Milk Stout is brings dark chocolate and espresso notes to the classic Guinness flavor profile. This beer is brewed with lactose, which isn’t fermented by the yeast during the brewing process and produces a pleasantly sweet beer with a velvety feel.

Guinness Blonde

Inspired by American brews, Guinness Blonde is a pale ale made with juicy, fruity hops sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Citra, Willamette, and Mount Hood hops add flavor to this uncharacteristic Guinness beer, which retains the excellent quality of the dark beers upon which the company built its reputation.Can of Guinness Milk Stout
Guinness Extra Stout

This 19th century recipe is brewed for bold, dark flavors with a hint of fruit from the refined fermentation process. The beer is made with slightly less hop bitterness to showcase the flavor of the dark-roasted malts.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

The Foreign Extra Stout is based on the beer that put Guinness on the map – literally. This brew is based on the West Indies Export Porter that Guinness brewed in 1801 with extra hops so it would survive an ocean voyage. Its flavor remains a favorite today.

Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout

Celebrating 200 years of Guinness in America, the 200th Anniversary Export Stout was released in 2017. With a dark ruby red color and a taste designed to maximize the malty Guinness flavor without sacrificing any of the smoothness, this stout is sure to last another 200 years.

Bottle of Guinness Extra Stout
Can of Guinness Draught
Bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra StoutCan of Guinness Blonde Lager


With World War II wreaking havoc on the brewing industry in Belgium, Guinness formulated this beer to export to Antwerp in 1944. It survived the war, and now its exceptionally smooth and chocolaty flavor and warming mouthfeel have made it a desirable classic.

All These and More at Banko Beverage Co

Beer drinkers around the world have made Diageo Guinness beers a bestseller for over 250 years. If your business or event in the Greater Lehigh Valley area is looking for Guinness products, look no further than Banko Beverage Co. Based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Banko Beverage Co has been providing a huge variety of beverages to bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and more for nearly 90 years. With everything from locally sourced craft beers, to worldwide brands like Diageo Guinness, we’ve got the products your business needs. To learn more about the products we offer or to set up an order, contact us today.


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