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Why Are There So Many Beer Styles?

If you’re a beginner in the world of beer, learning about the many different styles can become overwhelming. But understanding these many types can put you one step closer to discovering your favorite flavors and textures. Whether you enjoy American lagers or craft beers, there’s something for everyone in the beer industry. Here, the beer distributor Banko Beverage Co discusses the history of the different beer styles, the types of beer to consider, and how best to enjoy them.

Yuengling Lager 16oz CanThe History of Beer Styles

You may have noticed that some beers are only available in certain regions of the world. The type of beer produced in an area depends on the types of yeast, malts, and hops available. For example, some ingredients were only available in Germany, thus creating German-style beers. The same goes for English-style and Belgian-style beers. Malts and hope can also vary across the United States. This is what creates the unique flavors and brews only available in specific areas of the country.

Additionally, the different seasons can produce ingredients that are only accessible during certain times of the year. This is how we get seasonal beer flavors and styles. Flavors can also be affected by the water used to make the beer. The quality of nearby water can impact the flavors in the hops and malt because beer mainly consists of water.

Now, there is greater accessibility to the many ingredients used in beer, making certain styles and flavors widely available. In addition to the ingredients used, beer styles can also differ depending on the fermentation process and the temperature at which they ferment.

Different Types of Beer

Generally, beers can be categorized into two main types, such as:

  • Ale: This includes stouts and IPAs, which use a top-fermenting process. This means the yeast settles at the top after fermentation. Ales use warmer temperatures to ferment and usually take a few weeks to brew.
  • Lager: This consists of darker pilsners, bocks, and pale American lagers. Lagers use a bottom-fermenting process, which is when the yeast settles toward the bottom following fermentation. This type of beer usually takes months to brew and uses lower temperatures to ferment.

Bottle of PilsnerWhile some beers can fall into those two categories, others may use different brewing styles to create a unique blend of ales and lagers. Some of the most common styles of beer you’ll find include:

  • Wheat
  • Amber
  • Stout
  • American lager
  • Sour
  • American pale ale
  • Porter
  • Blonde ale
  • Pilsner
  • English pale ale
  • Indian pale ale (IPA)

Popular brands like Miller Lite and Coors Light are American lager-style beers, while some craft beers like Lagunitas are IPAs.

Why Do I Need a Different Style of Glass for Each Beer?

Although it seems unlikely that the style of glass can affect your beer-drinking experience, it can make a huge difference in the taste and flavor of your beer. For starters, drinking beer out of a glass versus a bottle allows the gases to expand, avoiding a bloated belly and unfulfilled belching.

Using the right beer glass can also help aromas and flavors present themselves better. In addition, it can affect how the foam forms during the pour, which can further impact the smell and experience.

There are a variety of different sizes and shapes of beer glasses you can use to enhance your beer. Some of them include:6-pack of Woodchuck hard cider

  • Thistle
  • Pint
  • Chalice
  • Glass mug
  • Flute
  • Pilsner glass
  • Snifter
  • Tube
  • Weizen
  • Tulip

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