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Throwing the Perfect Pilsner Party

If you’re hosting a party and want to serve alcohol, consider pilsner. First crafted in the Czech Republic, this lager features more hops than other lager varieties and pairs well with an assortment of foods. At Banko Beverage Co, we distribute pilsner products and other beverages from some of the most well-known suppliers to local businesses in the Greater Lehigh Valley area. Here, we offer our extensive knowledge of pilsner to help you plan the perfect party.

Why Choose Pilsner Beer?

Pilsner has a simple composition, making it ideal for celebrations. The basic recipe consists of lightly kilned malted barley, spicy hops, and soft water. The pilsner glass also makes for an attractive presentation, showcasing a dense, frothy head and distinct straw-colored hue. The spicy yet simple taste and refreshing finish ensure many guests will enjoy having pilsner at your gathering.

Produced worldwide and making up a significant portion of the global beer trade, pilsner comes in multiple styles. This variety is another reason to consider having pilsner as the main beverage for your party. The following are some of the main styles of pilsner beer:

  • American Pilsner
  • American Imperial Pilsner
  • Bohemia Pilsner
  • German Pilsner

Best Food Pairings for Pilsner

Of course, no get-together is complete without food. If you plan to center your party on pilsner, you’ll need a spread that balances out the taste. The following are some great food pairings for pilsner beer:

  • Cheeses (Havarti, Monterrey Jack, and Muenster)
  • Seafood (tuna and salmon, or specific dishes like tuna carpaccio)
  • Crunchy salads
  • Roasted meat and chicken
  • Spring rolls
  • International dishes (Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican)

Find Pilsner Beer from a Reliable Distributor

If you want to promote pilsner parties at your business, turn to Banko Beverage Co. We’re a trusted distributor serving the Greater Lehigh Valley area, and we work with several brand-name pilsner suppliers, including Miller Lite, to help businesses keep their inventories well-stocked. We also participate in local beverage events, offering promotions that enable business owners and individuals to experience new products. Contact us today to learn more about pilsner and our other beverages.

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