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Staying in on St. Patrick’s Day: Beers to Go Green With

If you can’t imagine a St. Patrick’s Day without green beer, you’re not alone. A long-standing tradition, bars, restaurants, and venues everywhere treat their crowds on March 17th with their favorite brews dyed a vibrant green. Although social distancing measures may be in place throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley and across the country, it’s still more than possible to carry on the custom from home. Here, Banko Beverage Co. explains how to choose St. Patrick’s Day Beers to dye green.

Beers Ideal for Dying Green

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Before you get started, it’s important to know that light beers are ideal for dying green. This is because darker beers will require larger amounts of food dye, something that eventually changes their flavors and could even dye your mouth in the process. Instead of dark, heavy beers, consider the following options that Banko Beverage Co. proudly distributes to the Greater Lehigh Valley area:


With a transparent amber hue, Heineken lagers and ales are great candidates for food dye.

Guinness Blonde

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without enjoying a Guinness – or several. However, its Draught’s signature dark color would require more food dye than a lighter colored beer, potentially tainting its flavor. Instead, opt for the Guinness Blonde, a wheat-toned, light-bodied brew that will only require a few drops of dye.

Genesee Light

A product of the iconic Genesee Brewing Company, Genesee Light’s world-class brewing processes yield a crisp body, making it the perfect choice for creating a glowing green beer.

How to Dye Your Beers

Can of Genesee Light on White BackgroundAfter you’ve picked out your St. Patrick’s Day beers of choice, it’s time to dye them green. All you’ll need is your brews, empty glasses, a long spoon, and green food dye. If you don’t have green or wish to get a bit creative, blue and yellow food coloring is also handy. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, follow these steps:

  • 1. Add three drops of food dye to the bottom of an empty glass.
    For a classic green, only use green food dye. For a lighter green, use two drops of green dye and one drop of yellow. For a darker green or other shades, experiment with a drop of each color until you reach your desired hue.
  • 2. Pour your beer into the glass.
    Be sure to pour the beer against the side of the glass to avoid creating too much foam. Once you’ve emptied the bottle into your glass, use a long spoon to gently stir it with the dye.
  • 3. Adjust your color and enjoy!
    If you want a brighter or darker green, use a few more drops of yellow or blue, respectively. However, be careful to not add too much food coloring, as you may spoil the taste of your long-awaited treat.

To learn more about continuing this St. Patrick’s Day beers tradition with Banko Beverage Co., contact us today.

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