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Oktoberfest Brews to Try Before The End Of Summer

Oktoberfest began as a beer festival in Germany during the early 19th century and has now become a global celebration of the beverage. Many people take this holiday as an opportunity to try new brews and enjoy their favorites.

While Oktoberfest begins in September, those who want to get a jumpstart on the celebration should stock up in the late summer months when they hit shelves to have a wider selection before they sell out in early fall. Considering the various types of beer in the Oktoberfest category, Banko Beverage Co offers a guide detailing some of the best Oktoberfest brews to try as the season changes from summer to autumn.

Oktoberfest Varieties

As Oktoberfest runs from September to October, the beers most associated with the holiday are dark-colored lagers made with roasted malt and hops. Many people would consider Oktoberfest brews to be richer in taste with a sweeter malt flavor. Besides beer, another popular alcoholic drink for this season is hard cider. Sampling different Oktoberfest varieties is a great way to discover what you like most. Some popular brands and varieties of Oktoberfest brews to consider tasting include:

Hofbrau’s Oktoberfest

Hofbrau carries a popular Oktoberfest beer with a full-bodied, bottom-fermented taste. This variety is known for its fine, hoppy aroma and pairs perfectly with roasted chicken.

Warsteiner’s Oktoberfest

The Warsteiner German Oktoberfest beer is brewed with hand-selected hops, Munich-type spring barley malt, and extra-soft brewing water from the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park. This well-balanced brew is the perfect companion for cool fall nights

Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest

This traditional Marzen-style beer is known for its toasted malt flavor and subtle, spicy hop notes. Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest beer is sold from August to late October and pairs excellently with classic German foods like brats, spaetzles, pork chops, soft pretzels, and spiced apple cake.

Hard Ciders

If you are looking for something other than beer to enjoy this fall, consider hard cider. Woodchuck Cider’s amber, pear, and pumpkin hard cider varieties are a popular choice during Oktoberfest, as well as Magners and Strongbow Ciders. Pumpkin and apple are two classic fall flavor staples that can be found in many hard ciders.

Whether you prefer beer or hard cider, you have countless options from excellent beverage brands that carry tasty variations of the popular Oktoberfest flavors. While you can find most of these beverages at the store, it may be more fun to attend a local Oktoberfest festival or tasting event to sample multiple brews at once. These celebrations not only allow you to spend quality time with friends but also enable you to sample many beers at one time and in one place.

Try Oktoberfest Brews at Festivals and Events

Bottle of StrongbowOne of the best parts of Oktoberfest is the fall-themed tastings and festivals that are held all over the country. At Banko Beverage Co, we sponsor many different events in the Greater Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania dedicated to the celebration. These events offer an opportunity to explore different beers and ciders while enjoying tasty food, live music, and time with friends and family. Individuals in the region can mark their calendar for this year’s 12th annual Oktoberfest celebration at Artsquest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Banko Beverage Co is proud to sponsor this Oktoberfest event, which will feature authentic German food and beer, as well as live music and Schuhplattler dancing. The festival is also known for its highly popular dachshund races.

Discover More Oktoberfest Beer at Banko Beverage Co

If you live in the Greater Lehigh Valley area and are looking to explore additional Oktoberfest beer varieties, turn to Banko Beverage Co or for supplier services. We proudly carry a wide selection of Oktoberfest products, as well as hard ciders, and are experienced in the beer and cider realm.

Find your new go-to Oktoberfest beverage by exploring our products or by attending one of the Oktoberfest events and tastings we sponsor. For more suggestions of must-try Oktoberfest brews this fall or to inquire about supplier services, contact us at Banko Beverage Co today.

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