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Light Beer Popularity Growing

Light beer has never been out of style in the United States. Some say it’s the quintessential brew, a light lager, that Americans drink with their favorite fast and casual foods. But increasing numbers of people are choosing light beer because it better meets their social and health goals. Of course, they also enjoy the crisp flavors of light beer.

At Banko Beverage Co in the Greater Lehigh Valley Area, we’ve noticed that Miller Lite is the consistent best seller in light beer. However, these same Miller Lite customers are also interested in purchasing what’s new in hard seltzers, flavored malt beverages, and canned cocktails. These drinks often contain fewer calories and less alcohol than full-strength beers. And for these customers, the thirst-quenching ability and social effect are just as good, if not better, than regular brews and spirits.

Post-Pandemic Beer Tastes

When COVID-19 restrictions loosened, more customers headed out to their favorite bars, restaurants, and brewpubs. But the experience of a global pandemic reinforced the importance of both public and personal health among many people. This renewed focus on health was evident in many ways, including a new dedication to at-home workout routines while gyms were closed, as well as more regular consumption of home-cooked meals that included vegetables, grains, beans, and fruit.

When businesses opened up to more foot traffic, this greater sensitivity towards health didn’t stay at home. Customers are still ordering light beer and other light alcoholic drinks in greater numbers. All along they’ve been working hard to reduce sugars and carbohydrates in their diets. People have seen how both physical health and mental well-being are keys to handling illness. And, while we all remain interested in seeing our friends socially for some laughs and fun, there is also an appreciation for more clarity in daily life, and alertness to changing circumstances and responsibilities.

Your Health-Conscious Customers Want Light Beer

At Banko Beverage Co, we offer beverage distribution services to restaurants, bars, hotels, bed and breakfasts, grocery stores, gas stations, and large event venues in the Greater Lehigh Valley Area. And there is definitely an increased demand for light beer, especially Miller Lite. In addition, the demand for light-alcohol, low-sugar, low-carbohydrate, and gluten-free drinks is rising, right along with this consumption of more light beer. To accommodate these shifts, hospitality services are increasing the number of health-conscious choices in snacks and meals available for purchase.

When your customers are ready for some time off of work, they want to be able to hang out with their friends for long periods and have a few drinks that don’t affect their morning workouts. They desire healthier snacks or a great meal that doesn’t bust their diet. In addition, these light beer drinkers often add a light canned cocktail, energy drink, or hard seltzer as a complementary accompaniment to the menu. “Work hard, play smart” might be the new mantra for many of your health-conscious customers.

This behavior isn’t confined to public spaces, either. Grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations are selling more light beer and hard seltzer. A larger number of your customers are buying and drinking light alcoholic drinks at home after work, during backyard barbecues, and at family gatherings. With more Americans preferring gluten-free options, it’s important to stock a variety of beverages for this market, as well. Even serious high-alcohol, craft beer drinkers are choosing to drink light beer in some settings, or want to provide it for their friends.

Provide a Wide Variety of Drinks for Your Customers

We suggest that you provide a wide variety of alcoholic drinks for your customers. But don’t ignore the increasing number of consumers who demand light beer! Whether you stock the ever-popular Miller Lite or some of the new flavored light craft beers, your customers will choose them again and again. This crowd will likely mix up their drink menu with hard seltzers, canned cocktails, and even non-alcoholic beverages, such as energy drinks or other gluten-free beverages.

Let our team help you provide the best selection for this changing market. Contact Bank Beverage Co today for more information.

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