Smirnoff, Vizzy and Mighty Swell hard seltzers

Champagne Alternatives for New Year’s Eve


As the New Year approaches, many party hosts acquire bottles of bubbly to celebrate. While this is a traditional drink that many enjoy, there are other winter beverages besides sparkling wine that are just right for the occasion. Banko Beverage Co is a trusted beverage distributor to businesses in the Greater Lehigh Valley Area, and here, we describe several champagne alternatives for New Year’s Eve.

Toast with a Hard Seltzer in Hand

Plan to enjoy a crisp, refreshing hard seltzer when it’s time to toast to the upcoming year. Available in a variety of bold flavors, hard seltzer combines carbonated water, a fermented-sugar or malt base, and a splash of fruit flavoring for a truly delightful drink. You can find hard seltzers on the shelf from several brands, such as:

  • Coastal
  • Smirnoff
  • Vizzy
  • Mighty Swell
  • Arizona Sunrise

What’s more, many selections boast zero sugar and low-calorie ingredients, making them the perfect pairing with New Year’s resolutions focused on health and wellness.

Make Malternatives Your Gathering Go-To

If you’re in the market for a fun drink, check out your local selection of flavorful malternatives. Pair your delicious hors d’oeuvres with a bubbly, hard root beer, or fill a glass with Seagram’s Escapes as you socialize with friends and family. When it’s time for dessert, you can even sip a hard coffee as you savor the flavor of your treat. There is a wide selection of malternatives for you and your guests to enjoy, making it easy to cater to a crowd with a diverse taste in beverages.

Crack Open a Porter or Stout

If the semi-sweet dryness of champagne isn’t what you’re looking for, consider a porter or stout. In the United States, porter is brewed using maize (a type of corn), molasses, and slow-cooked corn syrup. This well-hopped beverage may come as a welcome reprieve from the sweeter alcoholic beverages that are usually served during a celebration. Stout is another type of beer you may enjoy, and it can be brewed in a variety of ways to produce variations such as:

  • Dry stout
  • Imperial stout
  • Oatmeal stout
  • Milk stout

Depending on the type of stout you’re drinking, you’ll experience an array of flavors and undertones, making this a complex and enjoyable beverage for the approaching New Year.

Toast with a Non-Alcoholic Bellini

If you’re someone who chooses to abstain from alcoholic beverages, there is still an immense amount of beverages to choose from. However, if you wish to maintain the festive spirit, consider toasting with a non-alcoholic Bellini in your hand. While the traditional drink is made using prosecco, you can mix the peach puree or nectar in with sparkling water or ginger ale. You’ll enjoy the same bubbly sweetness you’d get from a glass of champagne – without the alcohol.

For more winter beverage ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve with, reach out to Banko Beverage Co today, and ask about our products available in the Greater Lehigh Valley.

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