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Celebrate the Fourth Safely and Responsibly

Hosting barbecues with friends, watching fireworks with the kids, and enjoying picnics with the family — there are many things to look forward to when the Fourth of July rolls around. Make celebrating responsibly a priority this year and every year. Here, Banko Beverage Co. offers advice on how you can safely soak up the fun during the annual events on your social calendar.

Plan for Sensible Celebrations

Planning ahead for responsible beverage consumption can help ensure you and everyone else at the party enjoys the Independence Day festivities to the fullest. Whether you’re the host with the most or a guest at the party, consider these helpful tips:

  • Drive sober: Get ahead of the designated driver situation. If you’re planning a larger get-together with friends from all over, it’s a good idea to figure out who will be the designated drivers in advance. This can help the goodbyes go smoothly and ensure everyone gets home safely.
  • Boats and brews: Don’t forget the personal floatation devices (PFDs) while grabbing the cooler full of IPAs. Boating under the influence can be just as hazardous as driving. Make sure you and your crew use the same caution on the water as you would on the road by appointing a designated captain and ensuring the necessary safety gear is on board.
  • Pool safety: There’s nothing like cracking open a cold one by the pool. While spending the day near the water, keeping pool safety and child supervision in mind can help ensure your poolside barbecue goes swimmingly.
  • Eat and hydrate: Independence Day is an opportunity for the family or neighborhood pitmaster to show off his or her top-notch grilling skills. Pairing the drinks with burgers and ice-cold water can help you avoid dehydration under the hot summer sun.
  • Skip the hangover: Fourth of July weekend is often filled with several opportunities to celebrate with friends and family. To maximize the upcoming fun, pace yourself at each event. Knowing your limits can help ensure you won’t be missing out on any of the events you look forward to each year.
  • Leave the fireworks to the pros: What’s July Fourth without fireworks? Ending the evening with a show among the stars can be a great way to wrap up a truly memorable occasion. If the tap’s been flowing at your bar, leaving the fireworks to the professionals is the safest way to end the night injury-free.

Skip the Alcohol Altogether

While planning your annual holiday barbecue to celebrate America’s birthday, plan to quench your guests’ thirst with non-alcoholic alternatives. Low-alcohol and alcohol-free beer, like those from Pabst, Old Milwaukee, and Becks, tastes just as good as the originals from the lagers to the stouts.

You can also fill your cooler with crisp, refreshing bottled drinks. Offering a selection of fruity, fizzy, and other options ensures every guest can easily reach for something they like, especially if not everyone is of legal drinking age. Bottled lemonade, water, and energy drinks make it easy to treat all your guests with beverages they’ll enjoy.

Stock Up For Your Fourth of July BBQ at Banko Beverage Co.

With flavorful favorites, refreshing brews, and non-alcoholic alternatives, we make it easy for you to stock up for your summertime celebrations. At Banko Beverage Co., we fill the shelves of your local grocery stores, beer  stores, and gas stations in the Greater Lehigh Valley Area, so it’s easy to find what you need to celebrate the Fourth safely and responsibly. For more information, contact us today.

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