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Best Occasions for a Malternative Beverage

If you’re someone who finds beer or liquor less than appealing but still wishes to indulge in a crisp, refreshing alcoholic beverage, then a malternative may be the best choice for you. From hard lemonade to Smirnoff Ice, Banko Beverage Co offers a varied selection of malternative beverages in the Greater Lehigh Valley area. Here, we discuss some of the best occasions to enjoy one of the delicious malternative beverages found in our inventory.

Smirnoff Smash Lemon Lime24 oz CanStocking Up On Malternative Beverages

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday barbecue or rocking out at an epic outdoor music festival, you can enjoy your event with a crisp, refreshing malternative in hand. Savor the flavor of a robust rack of ribs with a Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktail, unwind after a long day with a hard root beer, or soak up the rays while savoring a Seagram’s Escapes flavor. Some of the best occasions to enjoy a malternative beverage include:

Outdoor Concerts

One of the most joyful times of the year is outdoor concert season. Under the evening sky, friends gather for events to tailgate and hang out before the band begins to play. If you are someone who wishes to attend these gatherings and enjoy the refreshments served, a malternative is an excellent option. Once the live music hits your ears, your beverage choice will taste that much sweeter.

Backyard Barbecues

Barbecues are a time to celebrate birthdays, national holidays, and other special occasions. At your backyard barbecue, guests can enjoy their time together on the patio while sipping a malternative of choice. While filling the cooler with beer, soda, and other beverages, make sure there are a few malternatives in the mix to help broaden your selection and provide a little something for everyone.

Seagram’s Italian Ice in 3 flavorsVacation

If there is ever a time to treat yourself to a great-tasting alcoholic beverage, it’s while soaking up some rays on vacation. Whether you’re the type who loves to go on adventures or someone who doesn’t leave the pool or beach until the sun goes down, there are plenty of opportunities to stop for a drink. Make time to quench your thirst with a fruity and light malternative during your escape.

Happy Hour with Coworkers

This occasion is a long-standing tradition among coworkers. It is a great way for new employees to get to know seasoned colleagues and build team camaraderie. If you are planning an in-house happy hour, make sure to cater to those who don’t prefer the taste of traditional happy hour beverages by stocking up on a few flavorful malternatives.

Find Malternative Beverages Carried by Banko Beverage Co

For anyone who is not a beer enthusiast or a liquor connoisseur, there are several alternate alcoholic beverages to enjoy. At Banko Beverage Co, we proudly offer customers in the Greater Lehigh Valley area a great-tasting selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments. If you would like to find out more about our selection of malternative beverages or what’s new in our inventory, reach out to us today.

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