Best Beers for Barbecue Season

Picture this: the picnic table is set, meat and veggies are on the grill, and the weather is inviting you to stay outside all day long. You think you’re ready for an unforgettable barbecue – until you notice the empty cooler beside you. No meal is complete without the right beverages, and this is even more true during barbecue season. To help you select the best beers for barbecue days and nights, Banko Beverage Co. of Allentown, Pennsylvania, offers some tips and suggestions from our selection of over 30 breweries. 

Domestic Options for All

There’s nothing more American than pairing your brats, burgers, and steaks with domestic beers made right here in the United States. Whether BBQ attendees prefer something light and thirst-quenching or dark and full-bodied, hosts can be prepared with options from a variety of domestic brands, including the following:

Anheuser-Busch InBev

With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend trying Rolling Rock and Beck’s, as well as Stella Artois, Stella Midnight, and Stella Solstice.

Diageo Guinness

Owned by Diageo, Guinness is recognized all around the world for its rich, nutty brown color and bold flavor profile. Try its signature Draught, Over the Moon Milk Stout, Extra Stout, or other varieties.  


Genesee Brewing Company, Seagram’s Escapes and Spiked and many other labels are all products of FIFCO USA, which is based in Rochester, New York. Whether your guests like mellow or hoppy, it’s easy to find options from FIFCO USA that everyone will enjoy.


With a history of over 150 years, Heineken is known for its identifiable green glass bottle and Dutch-inspired flavor. However, it also provides a host of other beer options, from lagers to ales, as well as hard cider.

Molson Coors

The Molson Coors Beverage Company offers a wide range of popular and lesser-known beer options to complete any barbecue. From Miller Lite, the most popular brand in the Northeast, to High Life, and from Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy to Steel Reserve, we have something for everyone from this brewery.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Known as PBR, this beer brand offers options ranging between 0% and 6.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). It also produces a line of hard teas, seltzers, and coffees, as well as its own whiskey.


Dubbed America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling offers a vast range of flavors in its lineup of beer, from its Hershey’s Chocolate Porter to Traditional Lager and Flight light beer.

Beers from Near and Far

With a pulse on the craft beer scene, Banko Beverage Co. also sources a variety of imported and specialty beers, as well as those made in craft breweries at home and abroad. Whether you’re grilling fish and shish kabobs or hot dogs and corn on the cob, consider having a few brews on hand from the following brands:

  • Anchor Brewing
  • DAB
  • Deschutes Brewery
  • SweetWater
  • Saranac Brewery

Get BBQ Ready Today

To become a host that has beverage options for everyone, people throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley area rely on Banko Beverage Co. We help to get customers’ favorite products into local liquor retail outlets, grocery and convenience stores, and more so they can find the best beers for barbecue occasions. To learn more about our lineup of alcoholic and non-alcoholic pairings for any grill-out, contact Banko Beverage Co. today.

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